Our songwriter workshops are inspiring and guaranteed to light your creative fire.  Merrill Farnsworth & Phil Madeira have led workshops together and separately; when they combine their gifts, something fantastic happens.




Here are a few songwriter testimonials:

"I am still riding high from my workshop experience with Merrill and Phil. I have been a part of Merrill’s writing circles for about a year so I know how she can pull things out of me that I didn’t know were there.  The combination of Merrill’s writing exercises and Phil’s vast experience as a songwriter were a great combination. As a relatively new songwriter, I gained confidence and went away inspired and ready to go back for more." Jenna Longmire

"The tag-team workshops of Merrill Farnsworth and Phil Madeira allowed for high intensity focus on both lyric writing and song crafting. Each exercise, lesson, and collaboration is a happening. The comradery of co-writing made each session a once in a lifetime experience. The positive, accepting environment and the love and kindness shared made it feel like we were in a place called Mercyland."  Chuck McDowell

"I've been writing for about ten years but somewhere along the way, I lost my voice and passion to write. Merrill (poet, lyricist, playwright) was great at pulling out my creativity and digging into a part of me I didn't even know existed. I couldn't wait for the next session! Phil Madeira is one of the best musicians and songwriters in the industry. I loved his soul and passion for breaking down the meaning of a song. I couldn't wait to hear what he said about each song I wrote." Joy Anderson

"Mercyland Songwriter Workshop was everything I hoped for, and more. Merrill helped me tap into and express thoughts and ideas that I wasn’t aware even existed. Phil then helped me craft my thoughts into tangible and coherent lyrics. Mercyland created an environment of trust, intimacy and learning."  Jonathan Richardson